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Why Google closed my AdSense account?

You ever wonder how Google generates revenue?

Google generates revenue through its global network of ads called Adwords, and share a percentage of that income to people who place AdSense ads on their websites.

Undoubtedly, it is a sophisticated system, based on a certain relationship of trust, and that advertisers rely on Google and invest their money to get more exposure and Google hopes that publishers web pages (you and me) we bring great content interesting.

That confidence is valuable to Google, therefore, does his best not to disappoint its advertisers and seeks the maximum that advertisers are not cheated by fraudulent methods. We talked about the misleading clicks.
How Google identifies that Activity fraudulent or misleading?

Google is the most sophisticated search engine, and likewise, has a super-advanced tracking system. And it can detect any suspicious activity.

Obviously, the detection system is secret. But chances are that Google crawls the following factors:

IP address - When the same IP address makes many ad clicks
Geographical Location - When the owner of the site is of X city, and newly activated your account, you start receiving many clicks from the same town or city nearby.
Site Activity (via Google Analytics) - When a visitor enters directly and clicks on an ad, without even stopping to read the contents of the site.
And one more criterion.

Unfortunately, no one can escape this tracking.

We can not always control the activity of our users. In fact, our users are not always evildoers.

Sometimes the criminals are some "fellow" bloggers, who are jealous of our success, which can lead us to be "in sight" of Google.

And if we analyze it from the point of view of Google, suspend our own would be the most sensible.

How might Google allow advertisers to be defrauded?

Google to the Rescue

Following the disagreement by Bloggers who unfairly closed its accounts, Google has decided to take action, and is implementing the following tactics:

Trusted Publishers

Google act more smoothly when registering an invalid activity. If you're a good publisher, and have no bad record in Adsense, Google only suspend your account, not permanently closed.

So, if your account is suspended, you only have to "solve problems" detected, and your account will be restored.

But if your AdSense account has been suspended several times, certainly, your account will be closed permanently.

Activity Reports

Google will also send you emails and notifications in case it is detected invalid activity on your account.

This way, you'll know the status of your account, and "solve" the problems before your account is suspended.


Google is offering its tools to help publishers to submit their suggestions. It has even created a form where publishers can submit their complaints to Google in order to get us better service.

Google has also launched an Academy of Adsense, which instructs beginners on using the Adsense program, what should and should not do. It is also creating a series of videos explaining its policies, and discuss best practices to help you generate more revenue.

What if my account has been suspended?

In this case, you must do two things:

Stop the invalid activity (if the CDE generate yourself)
Send a Request for Reconsideration

Concluding ...

Google often consider as an evil, but it is not.

Google acts just like any other company, striving to provide better service to their users and customers, and to achieve this, you must "remove" those who wish to cheat the system.

Therefore, if you are trying to fool Google, stop. Sooner or later Google will discover it.

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